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    It is the use of X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) and various other X-Ray 

    techniques to explore the properties and composition of materials.



    They are specialized automated validation devices that are used to test integrated circuits,

    printed circuit boards or other types of electronic devices or assemblies.


    Baggage safety inspection行李安全檢查


    Commercial and personal baggage inspection of contraband substances uses X - ray analysis and

    other inspection techniques.



    This is a medical X - ray technique used to measure the quality of each square centimeter of the body.The prediction and treatment of osteoporosis.




    Use high voltage power supply to use charging capacitor for pulse power.



    It is a heated filament (thermionic emission) produced two amplified secondary electron emission 




    It is an analytical technique used to separate and identify the charge, friction and mass of 

    ions in a conducting liquid medium.



    The use of X ray analysis and other testing techniques to check whether the bulk goods can be 

    found to be prohibited



    It is a conical vacuum tube with an electronic gun, which is used to display graphic information 

    and moving images on a fluorescent screen.




    It is a vacuum tube structure, multiplied by the incident charge, allowing a single electron to 

    produce a cascade effect. Many more electrons use a process called the two emission.



    It is a test technology that uses the power voltage and current to verify the electrical 

    connection in the cable or cable electrical assembly.



    It is a commercial name for a specific type of channel electronic multiplier. For details, see 

    the channel electronic multiplier.

    CO2 LASERS -CO2激光器


    CW gas laser is the main pump medium with carbon dioxide gas, and its basic output wavelength is

    9.4 to 10.6 microns.




    The device consists of a high voltage power source specially designed for air ionization and 

    corona. Usually this process is used to produce ozone, which is used in various industries.

    Cleaning and cleaning applications.




    It applies a high level test voltage to a cable or component to observe the voltage level of the insulation failure.


    Elemental analyzer元素分析儀


    A device that uses X ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to determine the ingredients of the raw 

    material is used as a quality inspection in a variety of industrial processes.



    It applies a high level test voltage to a cable or component to observe the voltage level of the

    insulation failure.



    It is a method of scanning electron beam. A fine process for manufacturing integrated circuits

    in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

    Electron beam welding電子束焊接


    It is a melting process, which converts kinetic energy into thermal energy. When the two metal

    surfaces are impacted, the material is melted together.

    Electron beam evaporation電子束蒸鍍


    It is a coating process of an electron beam melting material (insulator or conductor). In a 

    vacuum, the matter is transferred into a gaseous state, covering all things in the vacuum.

    Electron microscope電子顯微鏡


    The image of the sample is amplified electronically by a fine electron beam. Without the

    inherent wavelength limit of the optical microscope, it can be magnified to a number of tens of

    thousands of times.

    Electronic energy spectrum (ESCA)化學分析用電子能譜(ESCA)


    It is a quantitative spectral technique for measuring elements.



    The motion of a dispersed particle relative to a fluid under the influence of a uniform electric








    Electrospinning is a special form of electrostatic atomization of polymer fluid. At this time, 

    the atomized material is not a tiny droplet, but a polymer jet. It can run for a long distance 

    and eventually solidifies into fibers.

    Electrospinning is a special fiber manufacturing process. Polymer solutions or melts are spun in

    a strong electric field. Under the action of the electric field, the droplets in the needle will

    change from the spherical to the conical ("Taylor cone"), and the fiber filaments are extended 

    from the tip of the cone. In this way, nanoscale polymer filaments can be produced.

    Electrostatic chuck靜電吸盤



    The suction plate of the workpiece is sucked up with the suction produced by the static charge.

    A clamping device used in a semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which maintains static 

    electric power in the position of the silicon wafer during processing.

    Electro-Static discharge靜電放電試驗(ESD)


    Simulation of electrostatic discharge with high power supply to test the antistatic ability of

    electronic components.

    Electrostatic flocking靜電植絨

    靜電植絨是利用電荷同性相斥異性相吸的物理特性 , 使絨毛帶上負電荷 , 把需要植絨的物體放在零電位或接

    地條件下 , 絨毛受到異電位被植物體的吸引 , 呈垂直狀加速飛升到需要植絨的物體表面上 , 由于被植物體

    涂有膠粘劑 , 絨毛就被垂直粘在被植物體上 , 因此靜電植絨是利用電荷的自然特性產生的一種生產新工藝 .


    It is the physical properties by using the charge repulsion attraction, make the hair with a 

    negative charge, the flocking objects in zero voltage or ground conditions, villi by different

    potentials are attracting plants, vertical acceleration rise to the surface of the object by the

    needs of the flocking, to be the plant body with adhesive, floss stuck in the plant is vertical,

    so the electrostatic flocking is a new technology for production of natural characteristics of 

    the charge. Because of the electrostatic flocking, embroidery suede decorative effect and unique

    sense of the characteristics of simple process, low cost and strong applicability.

    Electrostatic lens靜電透鏡


    件(如陰極射線示波管)和電子顯微鏡中。[1]  由多個靜電透鏡組成透鏡系統,它的主要作用是將電離室中大



    It is one of the electronic lenses. A device for focusing and imaging the electron beam by an 

    electrostatic field produced by a charged conductor. It is widely used in electronic devices

    (such as cathode-ray oscilloscope tubes) and electron microscopes. [1] consists of a lens system

    consisting of a number of electrostatic lenses. Its main function is to send most of the ions in 

    the ionization chamber to a mass analyzer with a very small scatter angle. A rotating symmetric

    electrostatic field is formed on a number of conducting electrodes of a rotating symmetry with a 

    certain DC voltage respectively.

    Electrostatic oiling靜電涂油


    It is a equipment that can be evenly sprayed on the surface of the plate and strip by high

    voltage electrostatic force.

    Electrostatic precipitator靜電除塵


    It is one of the gas dedusting methods. When the dust gas is separated by the high voltage 

    electrostatic field, the dust particles and the negative ions are negatively charged and tend to

    be deposited on the anode surface. In metallurgical, chemical and other industries, it is used 

    to purify gas or to recover useful dust particles. The use of the electrostatic field to ionize 

    the gas so that the dust particles are charged to the electrode. In a strong electric field, the

    air molecules are ionized into positive ions and electrons, and the electrons run into the 

    positive pole to meet the dust particles, so that the dust particles are negatively charged to 

    the positive pole to be collected.

    Electrostatic printing靜電印刷


    It is a process of printing or copying, using static electricity to form a graphic image. Print

    directly on a surface with a powder or ink.

    Electrostatic separation靜電分選




    In the application of mining or waste recycling, the separation of mixed component flow is made

    by using the separation device of static electricity. The material is evenly distributed on the

    smooth surface of the grounding rotary electrode through the feeding system. The charged 

    materials are exchanged with the electrodes of the earthing sorting roller, and the two 

    materials with different static performances are different. The charged materials then enter the

    separation area and fall in the resultant force of static electricity, gravity, centrifugal

    force and so on. The separation of two different electrical materials was completed.

    Energy dispersive X ray fluorescence spectroscopy (EDXRF)能量色散X射線熒光光譜(EDXRF)


    It is an analytical spectrum technique that can be used to analyze the elements through the interaction between elements.






















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